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The Vitiligo Community is an informational database built to support those that are affected by Vitiligo. Browse our website to find relevant information and resources on treatments, doctors, research, physical or mental health, support groups, and more.

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A Place for Anyone Affected

At Vitiligo Community, We Educate, Empathize & Empower

About Vitiligo

Whether you know someone with vitiligo or are among the 1% of people diagnosed, there’s plenty to learn about the condition— from history and discovery to symptoms and causes.

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Treatment Options

There are several solutions to vitiligo side effects, such as steroids, creams, light therapy, and other medicines to improve day-to-day symptoms and quality of life. 

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Support Groups

Vitiligo is an affliction that’s more than skin deep, with physical symptoms affecting mental and social well-being. Connect with groups who can relate, empathize and educate.

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Our Mission

At Vitiligo Community, we make it our mission to educate everyone about the condition to bring awareness to the psychosocial side effects as well as helpful treatment options available for both mental and physical symptoms. We seek to empower those affected with the condition to help them improve the quality of their life.

Our Impact

With our active community and constant updates of relevant resources, news and information, we ensure those affected by vitiligo are never alone. Connect with us for the latest updates as well as support groups and doctors. We hope to help you harness the best solution for yourself or a loved one!

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Information is power, so check back often for the latest resources about vitiligo. We constantly update content as new developments occur, so you can be sure you have the most recent and relevant news about vitiligo.


Want to learn more about vitiligo? The best place to start is our FAQs where you can find answers to commonly asked questions.

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Drug Pipeline

What are dermatologists, doctors and pharma companies doing to treat vitiligo? Find out about the latest drug developments.

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Clinical Trials

Interested in getting involved with vitiligo testing? Find out about the clinical trial qualifications and if any are available near you.

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Learn about the latest exciting vitiligo research and studies that shed light on possible new discoveries for treatment, symptoms and more.

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Living with vitiligo? Get connected to high-quality doctors in your area or remotely who can help diagnose, treat and manage.

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Find out about the best titles to read to get more information about this ancient disease known for eliminating skin pigment.

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Recent News & Updates

Visit our blog to read about the latest updates in vitiligo developments, advances in research, and helpful articles about living with and managing symptoms.

3 Future Treatments for Vitiligo

For people with vitiligo affecting over half their body, adults who got vitiligo as a child when treatment wasn't available, or those with adverse reactions to current treatment, it may seem like vitiligo is something they will have to deal with forever. There are...

At Home Phototherapy for Vitiligo

Narrowband ultraviolet B (UVB) phototherapy is one of the standard treatments for vitiligo that can induce repigmentation where vitiligo is present. Phototherapy is not an option for many patients with vitiligo however because it is time-consuming and expensive with...

Helping Your Teenager with Vitiligo

We all remember our teenage years, the pressure to fit in, the importance of popularity. Puberty is hard enough on kids, and when you add vitiligo to the mix, body and hormonal changes can make growing up more difficult. Whether your teenager has a light or dark...

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Are you dealing with a recent diagnosis or know someone who has vitiligo? We’re here to help you figure out what works best to manage symptoms and improve overall day-to-day life whether you or someone you love is affected.

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