Mucosal Vitiligo

When the vitiligo occurs in the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose, inner ear, and genitals then it is termed mucosal vitiligo.


What is Mucosal Vitiligo?

Mucosal vitiligo refers to a pattern in which the spots appear only on mucosal portions of the body (such as the lips, inside nose, or genital areas).

Signs and Symptoms of Mucosal Vitiligo

Unclassified vitiligo and mucosal subtypes affecting only one part of the mucosa are relatively uncommon. Vitiligo is diagnosed clinically, regardless of the kind. Nonetheless, a technology that allows for the viewing of tissue fluorescence could be helpful in validating the diagnosis. We show how a wide-field optical fluorescence instrument can be used to help with the investigation and identification of uncommon cases of mucosal vitiligo that only affects the angles of the mouth.

Treating Mucosal Vitiligo

There are various therapies for mucosal vitiligo of the lips, even though there are no proven treatments for the disorder. Depigmentation agents, which lighten the skin to match the afflicted areas, are the most popular. These drugs are used to reduce the appearance of pigmented spots on the face, tongue, and lips. The majority of these medications are topical and must be applied on a daily basis.

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