Phototherapy consists of the delivery of light or ultraviolet radiation to treat various skin disorders. This field has seen several major advances over the years, the most recent being targeted phototherapy.


What is Phototherapy?

Light therapy, often known as phototherapy or heliotherapy, is a medical treatment procedure that uses light to cure a variety of ailments. It can include exposure to natural light or particular artificial light sources indoors.

What kinds of Phototherapy are used for treating Vitiligo?

Type of Therapy Primary Use Notes
  • For whole body or hands and feet
  • Uses a cabinet fitted with UVA radiating lights
  • A special cream and exposure to sunlight can also be used
  • For whole body use
  • Uses a cabinet with UVB emitting lights inside
Excimer Laser
  • For smaller and more concentrated areas
  • Handheld or desk-like units available
  • emits a wavelength of 308nm-312nm
Targeted UVB
  • For smaller and more concentrated areas
  • Handheld or desk-like units
  • Has laser and non-laser methods available
Handheld UVB Units
  • For smaller and more concentrated areas
  • Can be used at home
  • Can be self purchased or prescribed by doctor

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